Sunday, 25 of September of 2011

Brews, Brats & Props – Bottomless Beer Mug $40

Taste ALL these beers and more!

$40 all-inclusive beer and wine tasting
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$10 non drinking adult or teen (ages 12 – 20) ticket

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Munich lager “rare beers that provides a natural sweetness without overpowering you with sugar”
Oktoberfest “one of the best examples of a traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest”
Hefeweizen “Big fruity aroma of ripe bananas, soft clove and a waft of wheat, Very mild hop bitterness pushed down by a medium-sized spicy clove phenols”

Munich lagernot too sweet and very grainy. Assertive hops shows up at the very start. Not over hopped though well balanced”
Dunkel lager “truly is exemplary of a style. Full bodied, crisp, and jagged with rough wheat flavoring components”
Märzen Nice coppery brown with a creamy white head, great retention”
Hefeweizen “floral with very little bitterness from the hops.  Additionally, you can taste hints of banana and citrus”

Munich lager “one comes along every now and then to remind us that the lager is the perfect, all around beer”
PilsnerBeautiful straw color, with just a slight chill haze and a perfectly pilsner thick, creamy head
Doppelbock “one of the truly great beers of the world”
Hefeweizen “Delicious, authentic Bavarian hefeweizen”
OktoberfestFull malt flavor, sweet toffee flavor with little to no bitterness”

Munich lager “nice hop character balanced by a nice sweetness.”
Pilsner “a nice malt back, very balanced”
Oktoberfest “solid example of a German amber lager …intensely focused malt”
Pale bockLight, both malty and hoppy aroma, with minor hints of citrus and toffee”
Doppelbock “Bold, sweet, and malty – definitely not a style of beer for wimpy drinkers”
Hefeweizen “Excellent taste … good balance between citrus fruits and bananas”
Dunkel weizenBeautiful sweet overripened banana with caramel. Yeasty”

Munich lager “very flavourful lager – bright is indeed a good way to describe it”
Pale Oktoberfestaroma is nice bready/yeasty mix that smells refreshing and inviting”
Doppelbockone of the best Doppelbocks around”
kristall weizenspritzy and thirst-quenching”
Hefeweizenthis is an incredible tasting and refreshing beer”
Dunkel weizenMmmmm, toffee malt, banana, nuts and nutmeg are all present”
Pale weizenbockall the refreshing qualities of a summery Hefeweizen and the strong, complex nature of a Weizenbock”

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$40 each

If you’re still hungry, vendors will have traditional German fare like sauerkraut, strudel and bratwurst available for purchase.

Space is limited! This event will sell out!

Check out our microbrew beergarten featuring these local brewers and more!

From our earliest days of striving to make consistently good beer. From being castigated by our West Marin neighbors to finally suffering an ‘eviction’ by our West Marin septic system. From landing in the welcoming arms of Petaluma, and actually getting our beer into bottles, onto the streets, and into the hands of sympathatic beer geeks, to steadily losing less money each month. From all this and more, Lagunitas Brewing Company is emerging as a battle-tested brewery capable of making great beer out of goat’s milk, brambles, and asphalt on the surface of the Moon, if need be.

‘Where, but for the grace of God and the kindness of strangers, go I’.

Where go we indeed, whatever that means.

Ventura’s Surf Brewery®, located minutes from Surfer’s Point in beautiful Ventura, is riding the wave of California’s vibrant beer history and tradition of making craft beers of the highest quality.  Founded by home-brewers and surfers with a passion for craft beer and a commitment to create only the finest brews using the highest quality ingredients.  I’m working on getting good copys of the logos for the beers we are going to bring.  They will be the Surfer’s Point™ Vienna Lager and the County Line Rye™ Pale Ale.
The only craft microbrewery bottling their own beer in Ventura County. Combining two passions of its local founders; surfing and beer.
‘Unfortunately as I get older, I spend more time doing one over the other…,’ states local Co-Founder Bill.

Enegren Brewing Company started in the dorm rooms of Loyola Marymount University. After graduation, the 10 gallon brewery was moved back to the Enegren family residence in Moorpark California where it got a complete overhaul to become an automated brewery. The goal then was create a brewery where we could repeat our batches with reasonable consistency in order to finalize recipes boom beach tips for the hopes of a commercial brewing future. Then one morning as the three of astuces clash of clans us were just finishing up an all night double brew, we realized that if we were going to be putting so much time and money into brewing, we might as well go for our commercial dreams

Commemorative Air Force Museum455 Aviation Dr, Camarillo  93010

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From Los Angeles:

Take the 101N to exit 55 for Las Posas Rd
Left at Las Posas Rd
Right onto W Pleasant Valley Rd
Right onto Eubanks St
Destination will be on the right

From Ventura:

Take the 101S to exit 35 for Las Posas Rd
Right at Las Posas Rd
Right onto W Pleasant Valley Rd
Right onto Eubanks St
Destination will be on the right

This year we’ve teamed with Roadrunner’s Safe Ride Home program.

Catch a safe ride from your home, hotel or train station with Roadrunner Shuttle & Limousine Service.

Make your roundtrip reservations for Roadrunner Shuttle service today! Last minute safe rides home will also be available without reservations for an additional fee of $5.  Please see our rates below:

From To Fare
Camarillo Commemorative Air Force

455 Aviation Drive

Camarillo, CA 93010

$20 (+ $5 each additional person) each way
Oxnard and Thousand Oaks $25 (+ $5 each additional person) each way
Ventura, Calabasas, Malibu, Agoura,
Simi Valley and Fillmore
$30 (+ $5 each additional person) each way
Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita and
Los Angeles
$40 (+ $10 each additional person) each way

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